#12 – Get Kicked Out a Lecture

Media lectures inconveniently take place at 8am on a Monday morning – ideal time for a weekend catch up.

Although, apparently not the time to piss off your lecturer.

As a friend and I found out the hard way. After she shared some rather unexpected news and we both got all excited and giggley about it, our lecturer shouted “Blondie and brunette, get out!”

Then there’s that awkward moment when you’re not sure if he’s talking to you and you don’t want to ask cos you don’t want to look guilty and then he says “Yes, you!”

So the two of us proceeded to gather our things and walk out the lecture hall to a slow clap.

Talk about awkward.

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#11 – Hang Around for FREE Stuff on Jammie Thursdays

As students, it is our instinct to gravitate towards free stuff.

We run for free food and capitalise on free drinks at 21st’s. We enter stupid competition after stupid competition. And we plan our days around Spur 2-for-1 and half-price movies.

When you’re living on minimal income with maximum expenses (cough cough-alcohol), desperate times call for desperate measures. And Jammie Thursdays is the perfect opportunity.

Just Juice. Doritoes. Tiger entry bands. Tickets to Vegas – um YES PLEASE?!

Plus there’s always a free show to go with the free products. Bonus.

Never book a tut on Thursday at meridian. Never. Ever. Ever.

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#10 – Get Attacked by a Pigeon

The killer pigeons – they cause me more stress than my whole degree.

While calmly minding my own business on Jammie stairs one meridian, snacking on my deliciously yummy Souper Sandwich, I received the fright of my life as one of UCT’s resident killer pigeons swooped down and tried to steal a peck of my sandwich mid-flight.

Heart attack I tell you.

With wings flapping in my face, I shrieked like a little girl and sent my sandwich flying. Luckily enough, pretty much everyone at UCT knows the feeling I’d just experienced so I wasn’t humiliated too badly.


Since that day however, if a pigeon comes within two feet of me, I can promise you’ll hear much profanity coming out my mouth.

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#9 – Attend Wednesday SEX Chat

What started as three friends having a casual chat about sex on a Wednesday morning has turned into “Wednesday SEX Chat” and is now an infamous and exclusive weekly event that happens in the food court at 10am on Wednesday mornings.

Sharing and discussing is pretty much what goes down over a cup of coffee and a few fizz pops. We’ll be easily noticeable if you coming looking for us – we’ll be the table laughing the loudest.

It’s girls only – obviously. But over the weeks, more and more guys seem to be coincidently hovering around our table. We might consider letting a few special guys grace our little group one day for the male perspective on things.

But be prepared boys, you’ve gotta be ready to share.

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#8 – Sleep Through a Lecture

One of the consequences of being a full time student at UCT – you are always tired.

There’s nothing like a boring lecture to tempt your eyes closed and send you drifting off to dreamland. A 40 minute power nap is the greatest thing ever, and you feel so much better afterwards.

Of course, the downside is that you don’t learn anything, so make sure you have a friend whose notes you can steal.

Another downside is when your friends take advantage of your tranquil state. A few weeks ago I woke up with a pencil stuck up my nose, a few extra permanent marker pimples and some rather offensive drawings all over my arms.

The downer-side is that I didn’t realise my new tattoos until I got home much later that day.

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and I swear I’m not pulling your leg…



Ok, so sorry for the over-excited outburst. BUT WE WON!!!!!!

Ok, I’ll stop now. Promise.

Monday 11th of April was a day overflowing with excited and nervous tension. Assembling in front of my TV with a group of friends that evening, I proceeded to watch the entire 80 minutes of a rugby match for the first time in my life…and that’s saying something!

Greg Mallett’s try within the first 3 minutes was absolutely insane followed by more great play by our boytjies. During the beginning of the second half we dipped and TUKS took the lead, disheartening all IKEY supporters everywhere…but our boys picked it up again just when we needed, resulting in us winning the Varsity Cup Tournament for 2011.

What a feeling!!

We popped champagne and later celebrated in true UCT style at Tin Roof. The excitement amongst the UCT students over the next week was tremendous and I am so unbelievably proud to be an IKEY 🙂

Watch this video, following the IKEY TIGERS throughout the tournament and ultimately to their win in Pretoria:

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#6 – Go to Lectures in Your Clothes from Last Night

Varsity on a Friday is always a huge joke.

After a big jol at Tiger Thursdays, there’s always only about a third of students who manage to summon the energy to get lectures on Friday morning after minimal sleep. Those who actually make it are drenched in the stench of liquor with droopy eyes and a tinge of green to their visage. Then there are the true champs – the okes who you’ll see wearing the same clothes that you saw them wearing a mere few hours ago.

A friend of mine walked into our lecture last Friday morning sporting square toes and a collared shirt. Many of us whispered that he was a tad overdressed for varsity, until he slumped down in the back row and we noticed his bloodshot eyes and tender whince as the lecturer started lecturing. The outfit then started to look vaguely familiar, and we realised, the poor boy had jolled all night and not yet been home. What a trooper!!

For the rest of us who had gone home after Tiger, got a few hours sleep, showered and eaten a greasy breakfast, the sight of him was quite entertaining. He didn’t feel the same way, however, as his babbelas was reaching a new all time high.

Warning: As much as a laugh this is for your friends, at least 3 days recovery period is needed.

Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. When I asked how he was feeling later that day, he replied:

“Absolutely shocking! but the jol last night was so worth it!!”

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